Indiana Lacrosse Officials Association Inc. (ILOA) is a state association of lacrosse officials.  ILOA is established to certify, train, and educate men and women about the games of men’s lacrosse with the intent of being U.S. Lacrosse certified coaches and officials.  ILOA also organizes the official’s association and assigns certified officials to local youth and men’s lacrosse games.

ILOA has four main goals:

  • To instruct and educate players, coaches, parents, and fans about the sport of lacrosse and the rules governing its play.
  • To train, educate, and certify persons for officiating the sport of men’s lacrosse.
  • To provide game officials for men’s and boy’s lacrosse within the State of Indiana.
  • To promote the growth and development of the sport of lacrosse in the State of Indiana

ILOA members officiate college, high school, middle school and elementary school lacrosse games in Indiana and are independent contractors.