Committees and Roles


Sub-District Coordinator – Serves as the primary liaison for the sub-district (Indiana) in connection with their District Coordinator and some cases the US Lacrosse Men’s Officials Training Group (MOTG). The SDC will assist the Certified Trainers and LOAs with all aspects of training, recruiting and continued education of the officials within his sub-district.

Current Sub-District Coordinator:  Steve Hood


Rules Interpreter – Our resident rules expert and member of the Rules Committee.  If we encounter a situation where it is unclear how the rules apply, the Interpreter has the final say until a formal decision is handed down from NFHS or USL.

Current Rules Interpreter:  John McGrath


Assigning Committee – Coordinates the placement of member officials on clientele games.

Members:  Clint Carter (Chair), Ryne Daley, Paul Deinlein, Eric Beasley


Liaison Committee – Acts as point of contact with our clientele to address situations involving performance, conduct and other issues arising from games and participants.

Members: Chris Purvis (Chair), John McGrath, Jon Swain


Membership Committee – Maintains member rolls, validates certification, and oversees recruitment of new members.

Members:  Chris Purvis (Chair), Jon Swain, Ryne Daley


Rules Committee – Tracks rules interpretations and clarifications, disseminates to members and leagues, and responds to rules inquiries from members, coaches, players, etc.

Members:  Jon Swain (Chair), John McGrath, Jim Quirke, Paul Deinlein


Technology Committee – Maintains association’s website, training platform and store.  Assists with preparation of training media and provides technological support during training sessions.

Members:  Jon Swain (Chair), Jim Quirke, Paul Deinlein


Training Committee – Plans and executes training clinics, and coordinates observation program.

Members:  Ryne Daley (Chair), Steve Hood (SDC), Jon Swain, Paul Deinlein, John McGrath, Eric Beasley.


Observation and Mentoring Committee – Sub-committee of Training that plans and coordinates observations of officials and pairing of newer members with experienced mentors.


Treasury Committee –

Members:  Ryne Daley (Chair), Jon Swain, Paul Deinlein


Youth Committee – 

Members:  Paul Deinlein (Chair), Jon Swain