Feb 212017


This is going to be a fairly lengthy and blunt email. Please bear with me.


We have one clinic remaining; Sunday March 5 in Fort Wayne. United Association, 2930 West Ludwig Rd. Fort Wayne, In. 46818

You MUST attend a clinic every season to be certified. This is a US Lacrosse requirement, not just ILOA. We have no leeway with this. We have a total of five clinics this year spread around the state. If you were unable to attend any of the other four and cannot attend the one in FW you need to be in touch immediately to make arrangements to attend a clinic in a neighboring state. Otherwise we will have no choice but to drop you from ILOA for the season.


Make sure your availability is updated. We have begun posting assignments. If you need assistance on how to update your availability in arbiter contact your assigner.


ILOA has a mileage plan. However we use it ONLY after all other options have been exhausted. Before we ask teams to pay additional fees that could strain their budgets we will look for every available local official and even reduce varsity games to two man crews.

If you live outside a region you are still welcome to work games in that region, but you will not receive mileage unless no other option exists. We will let you know when that happens, but it’s not very often.


You must complete both the NFHS and Youth Rules tests by April 1. Both are available on the US Lacrosse central hub on arbiter. NOT on the ILOA group.

You can get assignments in the meantime, but cannot actually work a game until the tests are complete.


Many of you are players and coaches as well. You need to contact US Lacrosse and let them know you are also registering as an official. There is no additional cost, but they need to know you are officiating.

After that you should get an invitation to join the central hub for US Lacrosse on arbiter.


Returning officials are expected to work one scrimmage. New officials are expected to work two.

Unfortunately at this time we have a very limited number of announced scrimmages, and all are in the Indy area. We do not expect officials to travel out of region for a scrimmage. It’s not your fault none of the teams in your area are having one.

Here’s what we have currently. Please let me (Clint) know which you plan to attend:

Saturday 3/4 13:00, Fishers

Saturday 3/4 12:00, HSE

Wednesday 3/8 18:00, Fishers

Saturday 3/11 11:00, Brebeuf

Saturday 3/11 12:30, Brebeuf

Thursday 4/6 18:00, Center Grove, this is a MS scrimmage for those of you planning to work mainly youth games.

I expect there to be more scrimmages, but for now this is all I have. We will announce as more come up

We’ll be in touch with more announcements soon.