Apr 072017

As we get into the Youth season please take note of the following clarifications.

10U. Raking. If the player moves the ball in a backwards motion with the intent of then scooping the ball, it is withholding. Award the ball to the opposing team. If the player moves the ball in a sideways motion, attempting to move the ball out and to a team member, it is a legal move. Judgement should be used to ascertain what the player is trying to do.
10U. Remember 1. Short Field. 2. No offside. 3. Time serving penalties. Player leaves the field for an "Educational Moment" with his coach. They may return after the next substitution time. 4. All subs are group substitutions after goals. Teams do not have to sub after every goal. If play time goes for a couple of minutes without a goal, find an opportune time to stop play to allow for substitutions. The game clock does not stop for substitutions.
12U. Has 2 sets of rules. 7v7 and 10v10. 7v7 plays on small field with the same rules as 10v10, just minus 1 middie, 1 attach, and 1 defense. Faceoff has only 1 wing player per team that start with foot on out of bounds line since there are no wing lines.
12U. Only 3 stick checks: 1. Lift Check. 2. Poke check (must only make contact with stick or hands attached to stick, otherwise a slash). 3. Down Check (Stick head of the player making the check must start below his shoulder or his opponents shoulder, whichever is lower)
12U. A player may try to block a pass or shot with their Stick Head starting above the shoulder. If the player makes incidental contact with the stick of the opponent, there is no foul. If the player attenpting to block the pass or shot makes contact after swinging their crosse, it is a slash. Please use common sense on these calls. We should be able to determine the players intent by how hard he is swinging his crosse. A crosse that is straight up and down is probably not a slash. A gentle break in the wrist causing the crosse to move forward is probably not a slash. Arms moving toward the opponent and the wrists snapping hard is probably a slash.

14U. Same rules as last year other than below.

All youth only have 3 personal fouls or 4 minutes before they are disqualified.

Email me with questions as situations arise.

Thanks for all that you guys and gals are doing.

Paul Deinlein