May 092017

There is some confusion on the following:

12U long poles. 10v10 full field is 4, 7v7 sideways or small field is 3.

Penalty times for running clock. We DO NOT use time and half. Penalty time is based on how much of a game a player should miss. If it is a 1 minute penalty, he would miss 1/12 of the playing time for that quarter. Whether it is running time or stopped time, he should not be penalized for more that 1/12 of the quarter time. If you use time and a half, he would be out of the game for more time.

1-handed checks are not permitted at any youth level. Please remember that a check is not a tap, or a poke to see where the other player is. It needs to be an intentional swing or wrist snap (ie, with no equipment, it would have hurt).

Many of these games are becoming way too physical. At times this is due to the coaches winding up their players. Please use the conduct ladder to reel in coaches if they are being abusive or disruptive to the game.

Thanks for all that you guys are doing.