Aug 182017


As some of you are aware, box lacrosse has been in Indiana for a few years now. I learned just recently from Ken Levinberg that there is a box certification process administered by USBOXLA (US Box Lacrosse Association).

Some things you should take into account:

1. It does cost to join USBOXLA. The website doesn’t give a rate for officials, but Clint believes it’s $40 per year

2. USBOXLA has nothing to do with USL. Different entities, different training. They appear to be use an online course.

3. Opportunities to work games are very limited. Currently there are five certified officials in the state: Clint Carter, Ken Tomozawa, Rich Bulley, Randy Becht, and Dave Cuffel There are barely enough games available for those five, but the sport appears to be growing.

4. Box is a totally different animal from field. Clint loves it, and many others do too, but it is different.

5. There is no open registration – it’s by invite only. But if you are interested, you can email Ken Levinberg at or by calling him at 317-804-1721.

For more info on USBOXLA visit