Welcome Coaches and Administrators.

We’ve assembled this page to respond to common questions we’ve received and to provide links to other important materials.  If you don’t find the information you are seeking, please feel free to contact us here.

Resources / Forms / Files:

10U Rules Interp. Video (2017)
Official’s Evaluation Instructions
 IHSLA Coaches Code of Conduct


Q:  How do I request officials for my game(s)?

  • Spring league games:  IHSLA and IYLA season schedules must be entered into the ArbiterSports site by the announced cutoff date, currently January 1st.  (Here is a short video showing how to enter games.) After that day, the schedules are locked and officials will be assigned to your games automatically.  Our Assignors must be notified of any changes to your schedule after the lockdown date, otherwise we cannot guarantee that officials will be available for your games.  Coaches, administrators, players, and parents are asked to remember that there is a shortage of officials throughout the state, including a critical shortage in the northern regions.  
  • Off-Season and non-league games:  Please refer to our Request For Officials form.


Q:  How do I know whether officials are assigned to my games?

Most games are assigned through the ArbiterSports website and are accessible for review if you are registered as a team-, site-, or billing contact.  You also have the option to receive emails about assignments from ArbiterSports 3 days prior to game day.   Finally, ILOA policy instructs our officials to contact coaches 3-4 days before the contest to confirm times and locations.

In the event that your games are assigned outside of the ArbiterSports system, an ILOA Assignor will forward any relevant information to you directly.


Q:  How can I get an Arbiter account?

If you are authorized as a site-, billing- or team contact, you may complete our Arbiter Access Request Form.  On confirmation, our assignors will create a login for you and ArbiterSports will email details on how to access the system.

 Once you have an ArbiterSports login, here is a short video on how to log in and enter games:   ArbiterSports Tutorial


Q:  What are Assigning Priorities and which days do I have for Spring 2018 games?

ILOA currently has a limited number of officials to service the needs of both the High School and Youth leagues during the spring season, the result being that we have days with more games scheduled than crews needed to work them. Adding to the challenge for our assigners is that officials are independent contractors, meaning they can determine their own availability by blocking days or travel distances, and decline games that have been offered to them. This naturally limits our ability to project scheduling fulfillment until games are offered and accepted.

Therefore, in order to introduce fairness to both leagues, and until we are able to grow our ranks, we have adopted a system used by many officials’ associations whereby on specified weekdays one league has priority over the other for having officials assigned to their games. In short, a league with priority on a given day gets its games assigned first. This does not mean a team without priority can’t schedule a game on that day. It simply means that there is a chance that no officials may be available to work their game.

The table below lists priorities for each day of the week. Friday, Saturday and Sunday follow the priority list from top (1) to bottom (4).

Mondays, Thursdays

Middle School and Youth

Tuesdays, Wednesdays

High School, College, & Post-collegiate

Fridays, Saturdays

  1. HS, College & Post-collegiate with travel*
  2. MS & Youth with travel*
  3. HS, College & Post-collegiate without travel
  4. MS & Youth without travel


  1. MS & Youth with travel*
  2. HS, College & Post-collegiate with travel*
  3. MS & Youth without travel
  4. HS, College & Post-collegiate without travel

* “with travel” means a team has traveled from a different region, as defined in the Mileage Reimbursement Plan developed with IHSLA.
Please note that some programs are remote from other teams in their region which, due to the travel required, creates difficulties in scheduling weeknight games.  Our assigners are aware of these difficulties and will take them into consideration when applying priority to weekend games.  This leeway assumes that these programs will make the attempt to schedule according to the priorities listed above.  Abuse may lead to a withdrawal of any elevated priority for such a program.


Q:  What are the current fees for officials?

Please refer to our current Fee Schedule.


Q:  What is the ILOA policy regarding game cancellations?

The ILOA cancellation policy is here.


Q:  How can I submit feedback after a game?

ILOA wants and needs feedback to improve the quality of our officials.  To that end, we have implemented multiple ways for Head Coaches to submit observations and concerns regarding officials working their games:

1.  Officials Evaluation System for Head Coaches (ILOA version)

This is powered by an add-on module in ArbiterSports, and is accessible through Coaches’ regular login credentials.  The evaluation consists of a handful of questions on each official, and provides an opportunity for comments should the coach want to provide them.  Evaluations are anonymous and accumulated randomly into batches of 5 or more before being distributed to the official being reviewed.
Here is a short walkthrough:   Official’s Evaluation Instructions.

2.  Officials Evaluation System (IHSLA version)

The IHSLA has implemented their own evaluation system on their website, accessible through the Coaches’ login.  Please refer to the IHSLA for more complete information.

3.  Submissions to the ILOA Liaison Committee

The ILOA has formed a board-level committee to serve as the point of contact for our clientele – leagues, teams, tournament administrators – to address serious issues requiring investigation and response.  We invite Head Coaches at all levels of competition to submit comments, questions, and concerns about officials directly to the Liaison Committee under the following guidelines:

Submissions must:

  • Be made by HEAD COACHES ONLY.   Please use <<this form>>.
  • Be made no earlier than 24 hours after the game or incident in question.
  • Cite specific examples. General disagreement with the way an official calls a game is not actionable.  If there’s a problem, we need to have a clear idea of what it is before we can address it productively.
  • Be civil.  We want to find resolutions to problems, and antagonism will make it much harder to focus on the real issues.

All concerns meeting these criteria will receive due diligence by the ILOA Liaison Committee and an appropriate response. Critical issues will be presented for review by the full ILOA board.