Reference and Training Materials


All files are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format unless indicated otherwise. U.S. Lacrosse materials are marked *

Training & Certification
US Lacrosse Officials Resources Page US Lacrosse LAREDO Program
 Steps for Certification (2017)  ILOA Training Website (Clinic Session Recordings) How-to Videos
Upload profile picture to Arbiter (Short version) How to upload your picture to ArbiterSports
Officials Welcome Video by ArbiterSports Another Arbiter Walkthrough
Blocking dates Logging In to Arbiter
Team Blocking and Travel Limits Downloading your schedule
Arbiter Support Center – Lots of instructionals Arbiter Guide for Officials (Powerpoint)
Game Day Reference Materials
Lacrosse Score Card (printable)* Coaches’ Certification Cards (printable)*
NFHS Timer Guidelines* NFHS Scorer Guidelines*
Youth Rules Pre-Game / Reference Sheet (2017) Pre-game Checklist
Game Ejection Report PRINTABLE version Game Ejection Report FILL AND EMAIL version
Game Snapshot – Self Evaluation sheet
Field Dimensions Diagram* Game Bag Tips
Rules & Topics
2017 NFHS Rules Changes 2017 NFHS Rules Interpretation Video
2017 Youth Rules – 14U 14U Rules Interpretation Video (2017)
2017 Youth Rules – 12U 12U Rules Interpretation Video (2017)
2017 Youth Rules – 10U 10U Rules Interpretation Video (2017)
NCAA Rules 2017-18 Rules Differences: NCAA vs NFHS (6FEB2017)
NCLL Rules
Rules 1, 2, and 3 (NFHS, 2011) Faceoff or Possession next period? (NEW)
Fouls Decision Tree* Technical Fouls* (ppt)
Illegal Body Check or Unnecessary Roughness? Safety and Multiple Minute Fouls*
Simultaneous Dead Ball Fouls* (ppt) Simultaneous Fouls in NFHS Boys Lacrosse (H.Buck)
Basic Mechanics
3-Man Mechanics Manual (2017)
2-Man Mechanics Manual (2017) Common Mistakes in 2-Man
1-Man Mechanics
Proper Restarts
Slow Whistle Technique Play Ons
Penalty Enforcement* (ppt) Nuts and Bolts of Penalty Enforcement
Printable Signals Cheat Sheet Animated Referee Signals
Advanced Topics
Game Management* (ppt) Game Management: Blowouts
Cheat Sheet on Cheating Compounded Errors (Article by Steve Hinchey)
Working With New Officials* (ppt) Clock Management* (ppt)
How To Be A Crew Chief* (ppt) Crew Chief Ten Commandments
Conducting A Pre-Game Discussion* (ppt) Conducting A Post Game Discussion* (ppt)
Being A Mentor* (ppt)
Video Resources
US Lacrosse YouTube Channel
Georgia LOA YouTube Channel
Referee’s income/expense worksheet (xls) USLacrosse / Bollinger Insurance FAQ
Nationwide list of LOAs
Observer Resources
Level 1 Evaluation Form On-Field Evaluation Worksheet
Level 2 Officials Evaluation Form FILLABLE Observing Tips
Level 3 Officials Evaluation Form FILLABLE Game Snapshot – Self Evaluation sheet