Certification Steps


Steps for becoming a Certified Lacrosse Official in Indiana


  • Join US Lacrosse.  
    1. All participants in Indiana lacrosse are required to be members of US Lacrosse, including players, coaches and officials.  This ensures that everyone receives the same rules information as well as insurance coverage for any lacrosse-related incidents.  
    2. Adult membership is $55 (under 19 is $35) and includes a rule book – which you will need to pass the rules exams.
    3. Here is the link to sign up:  http://www.uslacrosse.org/membership.aspx
    4. If you have already joined US Lacrosse as a player or coach, you will need to add the “official” designation to your account.  This will get you access (at no cost) to the online course, tests, and the USL Central Hub hosted on ArbiterSports.com.  Call USL at (410) 235-6882 extension 102 and they will set you up.
  • Take the online course at USL.  
    1. This course is a lacrosse introduction/refresher.  It’s broken up into sections so you can complete it at your own pace, and only takes about an hour.  The sections are not long, but there are periodic “quizzes”, so plan on staying at your phone/tablet/computer.
    2. Use your USL username and password at this link: learning.uslacrosse.org
    3. Click on “catalogue”
    4. Select “officiating courses”
    5. Add the men’s course to cart  (If the cost is more than $0.00, see above on adding the “official” designation to your USL account. )
    6. Proceed through checkout steps
    7. Launch course
  • Pass the rules exams.  
    1. These are open-book exams, so have the following before you start:
      1. Your NFHS rule book.  If you haven’t received yours yet from USL, you can wait to take the exams until after a training session; we try to have copies available for purchase, and we’ll buy back your unused copy when it arrives.
      2. The 2-Man Mechanics manual (found here: http://bit.ly/2kyHptn).  This material is also covered during training.
    2. Go to the USL testing site by following this visual guide:  Accessing The US Lacrosse Tests  (Note: the download link shown on page 3 is missing; use the one shown on page 4 instead.)
    3.  Under the “Open Tests” section, look for
      1. 2017 US Lacrosse Boys Youth Rules Test,  and
      2. 2017 US Lacrosse – NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rules Test *ANNUAL USL BOYS OFFICIALS CERTIFICATION EXAM*
    4. Select “Take Test” for one of the above
    5. You will see a link in the middle to open/download a PDF file containing the exam.  We highly recommend that you download and print a copy of the exam and complete it offline. 
    6. When you are finished, return to “Open Tests” and “Take Test” to enter your answers.
    7. Your test will be graded immediately.  If your score is below 80%, make a note of which questions you missed (and download the rule references if available). You can then review the missed questions on your printout, make necessary changes, and then “Take Test” again to re-enter your answers. You are allowed up to 999 attempts.
    8. Repeat for the other exam.  Both are mandatory.
  • Attend a certification clinic.
    1. While it may change in the future, we have structured the clinics to be single-day events.  See the training schedule for dates and locations and a link to our online registration form:  http://www.inlaxref.org/training/training-class-schedule/
  • Join ILOA.  
    1. Dues can be paid online or by bringing a check to the clinic.  The cost for 2017 is $50 (add $2.50 for online payment). Dues are used to pay for your Arbiter account fees, clinics and training expenses, observations, supplies, etc.  No compensation is made to directors or officers for serving in those roles aside from waiving their annual dues.
    2. Here is the online payment link:  http://bit.ly/1VrWSb7
  • Work scrimmages.  
    1. This is where you get to step on the field and work alongside experienced officials.  We will employ shadowing and sideline evaluations to help you put your classroom learning and self-study into action.
    2. Scrimmage dates will appear on our website as they are scheduled:  http://www.inlaxref.org/training/scrimmages/
  • Log In to ArbiterSports.
    1. In addition to hosting the USL Central Hub, ArbiterSports is also a site used by many officials’ groups, including ILOA, to assign their members to games.  You only need one logon, but you can have multiple accounts from different groups, and can switch back and forth between them without logging out and back in again.
    2. When you join US Lacrosse as an official, they set you up with your initial login.   Then as an ILOA member, you receive an account as part of our Organization.  To access it, just log in to ArbiterSports using the credentials you already have from USL, and then select the “Sign In” icon on the line that corresponds to our Organization.  (If your browser returns you to the USL Central Hub by default, just select “Switch Views” at the upper right and choose the ILOA sign-in icon.)
    3. Once you arrive at the ILOA front page, you must check the box “Ready to be assigned” on the right, just below the menu.  Until this box is checked, you will not receive any game assignments.
    4. You have the ability (and responsibility) to block full or partial days when you are unavailable.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep your calendar blocks updated.  The more games you decline, the more our assigners will question your desire to officiate, and less games will be offered to you.
    5. You may also enter limitations on the distance you are willing to travel for games.  The site makes these calculations automatically, so you can define your starting point on weekdays or weekends by entering your work/school and home zip codes.  Out-of-region travel is handled differently and you will only be assigned to such games by pre-arrangement with your assigner(s).  Please refer to our fee schedule for information on regions and mileage reimbursement.
    6. See the References page on our website for a variety of instructional videos on navigating ArbiterSports, viewing your schedule, changing preferences, and much more:  http://www.inlaxref.org/resources/reference-and-training-materials/
  • Acquire Uniform and Equipment.
    1. Being paid to officiate makes us professionals, and we owe it to ourselves, our crew members, and our association to look the part.
    2. Basic uniform includes:  hat, jersey, black shorts and belt, black ankle socks, and all-black shoes.
    3. Basic equipment includes:  whistle, flags, small tape measure, 20-second timer, and scorecard.
    4. See the ILOA website for further details and where to find everything you need:  http://www.inlaxref.org/resources/equipment-and-uniforms/


DISCLAIMER:  Please note that while ILOA strives to prepare all new and returning officials to work youth and high school lacrosse games, we are a volunteer organization with limited resources.  As a result, the certification process depends heavily on the efforts of the individual.  Learning the rules and mechanics, taking the exams, acquiring equipment, and developing field presence are all required tasks that can’t be accomplished solely in a classroom or at a scrimmage.  Each individual will progress at his or her own pace, and some may not be ready to assume a role of authority when games are assigned.  Because of this, ILOA cannot guarantee game assignments.  If you have questions about your readiness and how you might accelerate it, please don’t hesitate to ask our trainers, observers and assigners.