What is the Indiana Lacrosse Officials Association?

We are the organization that trains, develops and provides Boys Lacrosse Officials for high school, middle school and grade school competitions throughout the State of Indiana.  We are a not-for-profit organization, governed by an elected Board of Directors, and administered by Association Officers. (Here are our current officeholders.)

How do I become an Official?

Register with the ILOA & US Lacrosse, pay your dues, attend training class(es) and scrimmage(s), and pass open-book US Lacrosse exams.  A more detailed explanation can be found on our Certification Steps page.

Do I have to attend meetings and take a test?

Yes, we comply with US Lacrosse standards, which mandates a minimum number of classroom hours:  8 for first-time certification, 6 for re-certification.  During these meetings we teach you how to apply rules to game situations, along with positioning, signalling and game management — what we call “mechanics.”   ILOA holds multiple classroom clinics throughout the State, usually in February or March.  Please refer to our schedule page for details.

There are also 2 required open-book exams, one for NFHS rules and a shorter one for Youth rules modifications.  These tests are administered by US Lacrosse on their Central Hub website (see the Certification Steps page for information on how to access and take them).

How much do Indiana Lacrosse Officials get paid?

Current game rates and mileage reimbursement info can be found on our Fee Schedule.

How far will I have to travel?

You will never be assigned to “out of region” games without your prior approval. (Assigners will generally ask for volunteers through a broadcast email.)  We use the ArbiterSports online service to assign games, which gives you the ability to define maximum travel distances in your account profile.  Be aware, however, that setting a low value may severely limit available assignments for you.

Do I get paid mileage for travel to games?

ILOA assignors make every effort to assign Officials from within the region where the competition is held.  Travel within a region is not eligible for reimbursement.  However, in cases where an official must travel from one region to another, or to a designated “remote” area, a standard mileage fee will be due, based on the origin and destination.  Details on regions and fees can be found on our Fee Schedule page.

What if I can only work on certain days?

ArbiterSports has a calendar feature that allows you to enter “blocks” on your schedule.  These blocks can be for certain days or times, for both regular and one-time events.  In fact, our Assignor(s) send frequent reminders to members to keep their availability up to date.  If you keep declining games, Assignors will assume your interest in or commitment to officiating is low, and will decrease the number of games offered to you.

How much are my dues and what do they include?

ILOA dues for 2017 are $50, plus a small transaction fee for electronic payment.  US Lacrosse membership is $55 for adults, $35 for high school students.  Combined, these dues cover your training, evaluations, ArbiterSports fee, rule book, liability insurance, and make you eligible to receive game assignments from the Association.

What other expenses will I have as an official?

You are responsible for your uniform, equipment, and travel expenses.  See what is required on our Uniform and Equipment Page.