New Adult and Youth Officials Training


U.S. Lacrosse Level 1 training is geared toward individuals with little or no experience in boy’s lacrosse.  The goal of for this introductory level is to introduce officials to the basic rules and mechanics necessary to facilitate a safe and fair game.  Upon completion of the certification steps, new and youth officials will be eligible to officiate games at the sub-high school level.

A youth/junior official must be at least 14 years old, and after certification may officiate games at an age level at least 2 years younger.  For example, a 14 year old may only work games for 12U or 10U.  An adult official must be at least 18 years old and graduated from high school, is eligible to work all levels of youth games, and may have opportunities to gain experience at the high school level.

Level 1 training prepares officials to:

  • Properly prepare individually and with a partner(s) in advance of contests
  • Maintain a safe level of play at each contest
  • Establish an authoritative presence on the field
  • Communicate effectively with voice and hand signals, with players, partner(s), coaches and the scorer’s table
  • Understand and correctly demonstrate basic field positioning
  • Correctly identify if a team has possession of the ball in a penalty situation and how to apply the slow whistle technique
  • Understand and recognize differences between personal and technical fouls
  • Recognize and assess the most common safety fouls accurately and fairly

The ILOA conducts Level 1 training classes in the months preceding the spring season, usually between late January and early March (Schedule).